Borrowers Defense information

Borrowers Defense to Repayment is a student loan forgiveness program that aims to help students who enrolled in schools, which violated certain laws that caused students financial harm. Through the program, students can assert a claim against the school, and receive complete relief from their federal student loan debt.

Borrowers defense to repayment (BDAR) remains one of the best available programs for eliminating federal student loan debt that students/former students and parents who co-signed on their child’s loans to receive complete relief from their service loan providers, and banking institutions. It is important to note that BDAR only applies to federal student loans. That means, students who have private loans cannot get the benefits of this program. Keep in mind that completing a successful BDAR application without the assistance of an expert or a attorney is not an easy task as the Department of Education asks for strong evidence regarding deceitful practices committed by schools.

BDAR involves many stages in which students need to prove that the School caused them financial harm, and they took the student loan as a result of those fraudulent acts. If the School defrauded you with:

  • Substantial Falsified Information
  • Misleading Ads
  • Other Illegal Practices
  • Targeting Minorities And Low Income Families
  • School Closures

If any of the above situations apply to you, you are a good candidate for taking this program. What are the examples of fraudulent acts? The universities may lie about:

  • Accreditation of Degree Program
  • Job Placement Statistics
  • Total Costs Of The Degree Program
  • Tuition Fee Assistance
  • Successful Credit Transfers
  • Graduation Rates
  • Employment Rates

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